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About LCM

LCM at MSU is place where students can gather and get to know each other in a safe space. We will disagree with each other, but we will not demonize each other. We will be there for each other, sharing each other's joys and struggles. We will learn from each other, keeping an open mind and open heart. 

LCM at MSU is a place where we walk gently with each other on our faith journeys - wherever people are at. Our theology is centered on God, who is love. We believe we all struggle with faith and life and not loving God, ourselves, and others the way we were created to. Yet God has made our relationship with God good - not because of how awesome we are, but because of what God has done. We are God's beloved, no matter what. And so is everyone we meet. 

LCM at MSU is a place where we are sent out to share that same grace and love that we have been given to all people. We are called by God to pay particular attention to the needs of the poor, the oppressed, the hungry, the sick, and all those who struggle the most in our communities. We are also called by God to be sure that we open our hearts even to those we would consider our enemies, again remembering the grace we ourselves have been given. 

Image by Markus Spiske
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